Research Interest

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I really like Luker’s approach to introducing the academic research in such a fun and interesting way (salsa dancing).

Furthermore, to expand on Luker’s arguments about quantitative and qualitative research methods. I believe both quantitative and qualitative methods have their fair share of limitations. However, if combine both methods in the research, they could complement each other. Quantitative information could increase validity and credibility of the findings. At the same time, qualitative research could add information and offer more comprehensive perspectives to the readers.

My background and experience are mainly focusing on information technology and businesses, particularly, legal and accounting industry. Here are some of the questions I would like to investigate on:

1. How social media network impact the civil/criminal justice system? (Positive/Negative)

2. How information technology improve efficiency of the civil & criminal justice system?

3. Can information technology reduce wrongful conviction?

4. Does information technology improve efficiency of the securities markets? How information technology impact the securities markets?

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

Liz Lee



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2 responses to “Research Interest

  1. Hey Liz,

    I like how your research interests also involve the Criminal Justice system 🙂 It will make for good discussion! Is that what you focused on in your undergrad/previous education?


  2. Liz

    Thanks Victoria.
    My background and experience are mainly surrounding the legal industry and I am very passionate about making the legal justice system more accessible to the general public.
    Liz Lee

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