Week 2 – Research Interest

The last time I was charged with the task of creating my own research study was in my senior year of high school. My area of research was delinquent adolescents – I cannot remember the precise research question. Obviously I took a more casual approach than what is required here!

The idea of noting down my musings when it comes to the why’s and how’s of everyday life or the world at large is a foreign concept to me. Although I would call myself inquisitive, and love to debate and think over different possibilities, choices, and “answers,” I have not had the ambition to conduct such studies myself. I am glad that we are being asked to put our questions to paper – perhaps I will learn something about myself and what I am truly curious about by taking note of it.

As you can see, I’m quite new to this and this way of thinking so I may change my mind a few times before I truly realize what I’m doing and where I want to go! I won’t attempt to find a specific research question yet – but instead, identify a research area and with more research, draw up a question.

A possible research area I have in mind is school libraries. I recently learned in my Advocacy and Library Issues course that school libraries are in decline. I would like to study this further and discover what are the consequences of this trend for young people.


Camille Johnson



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2 responses to “Week 2 – Research Interest

  1. tracymatos

    That was really interesting to read that school libraries are in decline and when you mentioned it, I was definitely intrigued to learn more, so I think this is an excellent research topic that will gather those interested in librarianship and education!

    Tracy Matos

  2. Thanks Tracy! I, too, was surprised when I learned about this. Where do the children go if they don’t have a library? Where do they get their books? Since I am interested in becoming a school librarian, I’m somewhat worried by this information! However, learning/studying/researching about the issue will only better help me to deal with it if I do try to follow that career path.


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