Week 3: My Bedraggled Daisy

After digesting Luker’s ideas, I have gone through my numerous research topics. Luker really helps me reorganize my research ideas and narrow down my focus on a specific area. As a result, I have changed my research question to conduct a case study on the availability of broadband technologies to the economic performance in a rural community in Canada. I believe this study would provide helpful insight into the future plan and development of the broadband technologies in the rural areas.

I have included the following in my bedraggled daisy:

  • Employment rate
  • GDP growth
  • Current Broadband availability
  • Broadband usage in rural area
  • Correlation between broadband and employment rate
  • Correlation between broadband and productivity
  • Number of business growth
  • Cost of broadband infrastructure development

Here is my bedraggled daisy:


Thank you.

Liz Lee



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2 responses to “Week 3: My Bedraggled Daisy

  1. Hey Liz,

    Similar to you, after digesting the readings from Luker this week, I changed my research interest. However, unlike you, I COMPLETELY changed my research interest. I have to agree with you that making this visual ‘diagram’ if you will, really helps with the organization of your thoughts. In addition, if definitely does help narrow down a specific focus with regard to what we’re all individually interested in researching.

    It seems as though your bedraggled daisy covers all the spots that need to be analyzed for your research question. However, do you think as you continue your research, more petals will come into notice? I think that as i delve into the literature on my topic more and more, more petals will appear, at least for my research question.


    • Liz

      Hi Victoria,

      When I did my daisy, I was trying to cut down the petals. I guess as I did that, it helped me narrow down my focus. I believe it would be better to revise and modify the contents of the petals, but try not to add more (unless it is necessary). I think the daisy would be something I would always come back to when I design my research method and carry out the research processes. It would be very helpful to keep me focus when analyzing huge amount of data and information.

      Thank you.


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