My ‘Bedraggled Daisy’

Over the weekend, I decided to close both my Twitter account and LinkedIn account. I’d had enough! I was tired of looking at celebrities’ tweets and felt weird about people increasingly using LinkedIn as a social tool, not as a professional one. I began thinking about social media and my thoughts led me to this new research interest. It can be summarized as follows: the impact of social media on university students. Specifically, I am interested in the relationship between Facebook usage by university students and their satisfaction with/or enjoyment of being a university student at the iSchool. I would like to investigate this relationship. Attached is my ‘bedraggled daisy.’ Here is a brief explanation of each petal:

-Facebook: the social networking site of interest

-Faculty of Information, University of Toronto: this will only look at University of Toronto iSchool students

-“Friends”: this refers to the Facebook-created term

-Gender: does gender make a difference in this context?

-Pages: Facebook-created term; users subscribe to

-Groups: Facebook-created term; users subscribe to

-Affect: “refers to the experience of feeling or emotion” (Wikipedia)

-Graduate Students: this study focuses on graduate students




Wikipedia. (Last modified 28 March 2013). Affect. Retrieved from



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2 responses to “My ‘Bedraggled Daisy’

  1. Hey Camille,

    Good for you for getting out of the social media craze!! I too deleted my twitter, and I often deactivate my Facebook account when I find I’m spending too much time on it, as I feel like I’m wasting my life. Have you ever seen that YouTube video on putting down your phone and enjoying the now? I think that’d be applicable to your research project.

    I just thought I’d tell you that I’m most definitely happier when I’m not on social media! I don’t know why, but I the possibilities I’ve come up with are as follows:

    Facebook makes you subconciously jealous of other people’s lives (which is totally unnessary);

    I feel very unproductive when I’m using social media, and this doesn’t contribute to my happiness by any means.

    I think this is a good research area!!


  2. Thanks for your comment, Victoria! I can completely relate to your reasons why social media can leave us feeling a bit down at times. Sometimes it appears like everyone on Facebook has more exciting lives than ours! However, since becoming a graduate student at U of T, I’ve found that Facebook can be quite helpful to connect with classmates about group projects or getting information about either school events or job notices from iSchool groups/pages. I’m going to focus more on this aspect and less on the airport check-in statuses and party pictures!


    PS. Thank you for the YouTube suggestion – I definitely need to put down my phone more often!!

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