My Online Daisy

Keeping in the theme of my research topic of authorship and creativity in videogames, I have made my bedraggled daisy in Minecraft. I was going to do the entire thing in Minecraft but the text on the signs was far too small to read. Still I am pretty happy (especially because I really have no artistic talent).

Figuring out the areas of interest for this research was fairly painless because I have danced around this project before, but I have never approached it directly. Just in case the image causes problems, the petals of my problem are:

– Authorship

– Games studies

– Copyright law

– Digital economies

– Online communities

– User generated content

If I were using a less blocky medium there would be a lot more crossing of these petals (but it didn’t look very good). Particularly, issues of authorship can be seen as closely tied to user generated content and copyright law, while games studies and digital economies are closely linked too.

On a side note. Digital economies is one of the areas of interest for SSHRC proposals!





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