I kinda wish I was more artistic…

That being said, I recognize where my weaknesses are. So I attempted to utilize MS words “smart art” but it would only let me use 7 of the topics that I determined would be important for my research topic. But before I show you, my rough topic/question is as follows: With the number of websites that have inspired social action in the last 5 years beginning to disappear, is it possible for these “pamphlets of the now” to be preserved in a meaningful way (the reference to “pamphlets of the now” is a rough reference to an interview with UofT head librarian, I have to go back through my course notes to find the proper citation)?

That done – and criticism welcome – here is the first daisy that MS let me make easily:

Digital Social Copyright Daisy 1.0These topics in and of themselves would probably make for a fairly interesting research lit review, but sadly they do not cover everything that I think I need to look into.

So, I made another one. This time I had to do a bunch of object editing, and it would have been easier if I had just done it with good old pen and paper, but here it is:

Digital Social Copyright Daisy 1.1Not quite as pretty, but actually looking like a daisy.

All of the topics I identified are as follows: Copyright, Ownership, Privacy, Corporate Policy, Social Media Corporations (meaning Facebook, Twitter etc governing body), Social Documents, Ephemeral Documents, Preservation of Digital Databases, Provenance of Digital Records, “Private” Records Management, Active/Passive “Collection”, Migration, Intention and Technology.

GAH, that’s 14 areas that I need to try to find material on. I suppose it is better to start with more and weed it down as I am actually able to do the research I would like to do.

That’s all for me.

Ben S.


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