My Happy Little Daisy: Week 3

So, my research plan has developed since my first blog post. I remain firmly in the realm of digital humanities, but now I am examining a different element within it. As it is now, my research question is asking how government released open data is beng used to by the public to create applications and other items to be used by other citizens. I am interested in how groups of everyday citizens get together and use the data made avaivable by the Canadian government (generally at the municipal level) to create applications that make use of that data for the use of other citizens.

I’m particularly interested in the use of maps, data overlay techniques and visualizations that these groups use in order to create their products. So without further ado, here is my artistically challenged, but happy daisy.

What a sweet little daisy!

What a sweet little daisy!

I found this technique to be useful for thinking out my topics and its connections to other subjects. It’s odd how a simple thing like creating a drawing can help to arrange your thoughts. It seems worthwhile to me to keep drawing these as my research question continues to develop.

The Petals:

1) Citizens

2) Open data

3) Government

4) Civic engagement

5) Data overlay

6) Maps

7) Visualizations

8) Applications


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