Week 4: Information Perspective

Hi Everyone,

My research question is to investigate the relationship between the availability of broadband technologies and the economic performance in a rural community in Canada. Particularly, I will be looking at a particular Aboriginal community in Canada as a case study.

Since I am investigating this research question from the information perspective, I will be focusing on the availability of Internet technology in general without going into any specifics, such as infrastructure, quality of service, cost of service, technical aspects of the broadband technologies. By doing this, I would be able to keep the variables under control. Furthermore, the availability of broadband technologies implies the flow and exchange of information to the businesses that may influence the economic growth in the community.

If this research question is conducted from an engineering perspective, the focus may then be on the technical components of the broadband technologies. If it is performed in the business context, the focus may be on the financial cost and benefit relationship between the broadband technologies and the economic growth in the rural community.



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  1. Hey Liz,

    Researching from an information perspective definitely seems like it’s an advantage with regard to your research interest area. I see what you mean when you say it will make it a lot easier to keep your variables under control. If you examined this from an IT perspective, it would get extremely technical, and the take away from the research (at least in your case) could potentially go unnoticed, or even lost.


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