Week 4 Blogging Question

My research question is: “what is the relationship between Facebook usage by university students and their satisfaction with, or enjoyment of, being a university student?” My proposed research has an information perspective in that it focuses on the transmission of information (using Facebook) among students, and then attempts to see if that flow of information is related to user satisfaction or enjoyment with respect to their university experience. I plan to conduct this research using Information Studies students at the University of Toronto.





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2 responses to “Week 4 Blogging Question

  1. Hi Camille,

    I find your research area very interesting when analyzed through an information perspective. For example, the flow of information could definitely increase one’s university experience positively, as it helps keep them updated with social events (such as how the iSchool does on their facebook page). However, I can also see how by analyzing this area from an information perspective could also have a significantly negative impact on one’s university experience, as their main resource of information could be done through facebook (and therefore their computer), and not the flow of information from face to face interactions, which ultimately could contribute to a MORE positive university experience. Do you see what I mean? Or was that confusing? Either way, I think the results of this study would be particularly interesting, because looking in from a ‘flow of information perspective,’ there are two sides to this coin that both seem to be very possible outcomes.


  2. Hi Victoria,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, I understand what you mean! You make a good point. I think it is important that we maintain a certain amount of information gathering and sharing through face-to-face interaction. For some people, reading online may be too passive. However, at this point, I think that it is taken for granted that everyone in graduate school is connected and online. As a result, information about faculty news/events may not even be mentioned in-person. Or, the information may be time sensitive. For example, spreading the word about an internship placement would be better online if the deadline is sooner rather than later. This is when Facebook can be quite helpful!
    I suppose certain information is best given online, certain information is best given in-person, and some information is so important that it should be said both in-person and online!


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