How my research fits into the information realm

My research is going to focus on the unconscious/less obvious ways that information is mediated and disseminated in a library context. Don’t ask me how I would go about doing this, much less in an ethical way, something I had to think about after this week’s class. I will figure it out before the assignment is due! Since it is in the context of a library setting, there is a clear information perspective. However, I believe that this perspective would be present even in a different context: for example, you could do a study about the unconscious biases affecting the dissemination of information concerning weight loss by various doctors: are patients from one doctor disproportionately getting vertical banded gastroplasty (stomach stapling) while another doctor’s patients tend toward low-carb diets? Although most doctors receive comparable educations there are other factors affecting the manner in which they share information with their patients. So, it isn’t so much the context of the research (libraries, doctors offices, etc) but rather the larger question of the role that biases play in transmitting information. This bigger-picture perspective is quite characteristic of Information Studies, and has been emphasized in a number of classes I have taken at the iSchool.




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