Information Perspective

I’m continuing to flesh out my research questions (any feedback is greatly appreciated) as currently it reads, “What are the challenges encountered by the LGBTQ community to being represented in public library services and collections? How can public libraries foster LGBTQ positive and safe space?)

Michael Buckland a well known information studies theorist (whose theory hasn’t remained unchallenged nor remained unadapted) classifies three ways of discerning information: (1) information-as-knowledge, (2) information-as-process, and (3) information-as-thing

The second part of my research question in particular focuses on the element of information studies as it is tied to Buckland’s concept of “information as a process” … the process of becoming informed about something (Buckland 1991). Essentially, it will investigate how identifying these challenges (such as, censorship, intellectual freedom, access to information, lack of information, misinformation, etc.) can be used to shape and inform choices about how information is represented, disseminated, accessed   through public library services and collections.

As discussed in Dr. Galey’s Research Methods course and in Luker’s “Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences” with any research project there are still many unknowns that won’t emerge until much later in the research process. It’s about exploration; discovering those unknowns.  For now I continue to search for related literature to become informed about my area of research.



Buckland, M.  (1991). Information as thing. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 42 (5),  p. 351-360.

Luker, K. (2008) Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences: Research in an Age of Info-glut. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.


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