Week 4 – In the Bigger Picture

My research question as previously stated revolves around an ethnography of YA fan fiction culture. Some people might not see where this type of research fits into the larger realm of information and library sciences. However, it is actually quite straightforward. The goal of the project is to participate and observe those who engage in YA fan fiction communities. Not only teens have begun to engage in this activity but adults as well have started to get interested. The project will investigate why individuals get involved with YA fan fiction, what they hope to get out of it, and what might encourage even more involvement.

By addressing these elements, a library professional would be able to provide better outreach for those who enjoy fan fiction and show how the library can help their hobby. For example, the library can provide writers’ circles for feedback, courses on writing, popular topics and themes in YA which can be integrated in fan fiction. Even fan fiction celebrations and contests can be a fun way to involve YA literature in a library event. Yet, it is only through understanding the culture itself that proper support can be given to participants. By comprehending what participants enjoy and want from the hobby, librarians can even start providing outreach to encourage more teens to engage in fan fiction and more teachers to look into the integration of fan fiction into the curriculum to promote reading comprehension, creativity, and writing skills.


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