Week 4: the information perspective

I expect my answer to this question is going to go evolve an awful lot as my research process carries on, and evens so, I suspect that I’ll be in a better position to answer it at the end of my Foundations course. At the moment, I would say that the information perspective is going to determine the frame through which I look at my research interest, and it will likely also affect the way in which I approach the research itself. The former will have a much more blatant, or obvious impact, while the latter may be characterized by subtler, or less clear cut influences.

There are a great many frames through which the Doctor Who casting hullabaloo can be viewed. From an information science point of view, I can look at the situation in terms of information systems, computer-mediated communication, information-seeking behaviours, etc.. The main object of my research won’t be the content of fan–creator communication so much as the methods and patterns of those dialogues (and attempts at dialog). Of course, the human contexts is essential to the formation of my research question in the first place, and the making sense of any results. But the research itself will be absorbed in following that “red thread of information in the social texture of people’s lives”, as Marcia Bates puts it.




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