Research Methodology

I’m trying to come up with a good methodology for the research I’m going to ‘conduct’. Because I’m focusing on homelessness, this seems extremely challenging… I don’t want to change my whole research subject solely because it’s focusing on homeless persons. I’m hoping I can come up with something feasible and plausible.. but any suggestions would be amazing!!! Does anyone have any experience with interviewing the homeless? Such as going to homeless shelters, and does anyone know the barriers to this line of research? Thanks đŸ™‚

Victoria Grant 


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  1. Hey Victoria,

    I don’t know if this will be of any help, but some libraries have special privilege memberships for individuals who are living in group homes and shelters. I know for TPL they have a category for registration called hostel, which allows someone to obtain a membership but they are limited to 5 loan items opposed to the regular loan maximum of 50 items.

    I have heard people make the argument that homeless people can still come into the library and use the space and materials on site, but that still only limits them to what is available at that particular location. Regular users have the advantage of having materials from across the city brought in to suit their needs.

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