Research Ethics

My research question is as follows, “What is the relationship between Facebook use by university students and their satisfaction with their university experience?” The data would be gathered using questionnaires which each student participant would be asked to complete. The questions would be neutral in tone and I do not think anxiety-arousing. Therefore, I do not believe that this research proposal would have to be reviewed by a research ethics board as it does not appear to pose any kind of inherent “ethical dilemma” either psychologically or physiologically. Of course, it is possible that all research involving humans has to be looked at by a research ethics board as a matter of policy – I would be grateful for any input on this issue. If it was mandatory to have all studies reviewed, I don’t think my proposal would require an extensive review!





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  1. Hey Camille,

    I too cannot imagine that this research question/study would require an extensive review by the research ethics board. The only real issue I can think of (that’s an issue in every other research project) surrounds consent. However, there could be many other issues that both of us don’t see… For which I’m hoping someone else can think of. But I agree with you, I can’t imagine, as Dean Sharpe put it, that the population you’re focusing on would have ‘high vulnerability’.

    Victoria Grant

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