Week 5: ethics

My research, at the moment, is thoroughly low risk. The methods I’m considering do involve human subjects, but only by way of their tweets and Tumblr posts – none of which are put online under any promise of privacy, and as I understand it, using public online postings is tantamount to using newspaper letters to the editor for research purposes. The people involved are (as far as I know) not particularly vulnerable, nor will my research put them in any danger that their posting to Tumblr or Twitter didn’t place them in the first place. But since humans are, however indirectly, involved, I’d expect to be eligible for a Delegated Ethics Review.

The one complication that I’ve been thinking about is the difficulty of determining when someone is technically a child or not based solely on their social media posts. I wonder what the impact of potentially including ie a bunch of 17 year olds in my research would be; and what tools I might have to find them out, if their inclusion does pose ethical concerns.


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  1. Hey Anna,

    Depending on the social media site you are considering to use for your research project, you might want to see if they have a terms & conditions or user agreement section that the user signs off on when creating a on account. Most of them will outline age restrictions for creating accounts, as well as how the content may be used. Depending on what they outline, anything that a user posts may be free domain for use, in which case you won’t have to worry (as much) about the legality, and ethics of using certain subjects.

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