Week 6: Writing

Hi Everyone,

I really like Hartel’s Managing documents at home for serious leisure: A case study of the hobby of gourmet cooking (2010). It contains very clear sentence and paragraph structure. Overall, it has a very good flow and organization. Although it has all the elements of an academic research article, it is like telling a story, which many people can relate to. As a result, it sustain the interest of the readers and attract them to continue reading.

Furthermore, I really like listening to speeches of famous and well-educated people, such as President Obama. Since these speeches are very well-crafted, they often help me express idea more precisely.

Thank you.



Hartel, J. (2010). Managing documents at home for serious leisure: a case study of the hobby of gourmet cooking. Journal of Documentation, 66(6), 847-874. 



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2 responses to “Week 6: Writing

  1. Hi Liz,
    I, too, enjoy listening to great speakers such as President Obama. He is able to state his opinions with clarity, remember figures, and demonstrate a calm and confident demeanor often under intense pressure. Although many of his speeches are prepared in advance, the President must be able to think on his feet (e.g., interviews, press conferences, presidential debates). He does not have the opportunity to edit after it goes live!

    You make a good point about his speeches being well-crafted. I believe that he doesn’t dodge questions and important issues – he is straightforward. Good writing – especially academic writing – should be straightforward and understandable.

    Thank you,

  2. I think it’s interesting that you mentioned you liked Jenna Hartel’s work from this week’s class. I’ve liked all of the ethnographies that I’ve ever read, which were all during my time as an undergraduate at Trent. What is interesting about this, however, is that all of the four or five ethnographies that I’ve read (and liked) we’re assigned to me by the same professor… Trent isn’t a huge place so I had the same professor for the three undergraduate anthropology classes I took. So I wonder if I like ethnography generally speaking, or if I just have similar taste to my professor? Perhaps it’s time to test this out by reading some more….

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