Interesting Observation

I was just browsing the Web, and came across this piece of writing (non-academic):

One of the recommendations to improve your writing is to read things you usually wouldn’t read. I find this interesting because this also improves your sense of knowledge. In turn, the more knowledgeable you are, the better you will be able to incorporate your broad knowledge into a specific topic that you’re writing about. Gaining knowledge can really be beneficial in a plurality of ways.

I just found this interesting because when Professor Galey asked this week’s question: what kind of reading helps you write? I immediately thought of the actual writing itself, not the information found within the work (ironic because i’m in a masters of INFORMATION)…..

Victoria Grant



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2 responses to “Interesting Observation

  1. Is it bad that when I read the link on this article, I completely disregarded it because it contains a quote from Nicholas Sparks, whose writing I *hate?* On top of that he says that he reads over a hundred books a year. Umm, that is a not-so-subtle humble brag (
    Having said that, I think that the advice in the article you posted is really pretty good.
    Also, when we were asked what kind of writing we liked I automatically thought of different blogs and books that I like for there style, perhaps rather than their content. I read that question last Friday and still haven’t gotten around to writing down my thoughts… because I’m not entirely sure what they are.

  2. Hey Portia,

    See what I mean! I’m glad I’m not the only one who mainly thought about the manner in which something is written, rather than the knowledge contained in that piece of writing:)

    Victoria Grant

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