The Field

Hey everyone,

Reading Professor Galey’s blog post this week really got me thinking. As he states, the field, broadly defined, is the space where surprise can happen. When constructing my research question, I basically assumed that homeless patrons do not have equal access to library services as those who have homes. This makes me wonder if once I get out into the field, I will be surprised, and find out that this is not actually the case. If this happens, the whole purpose of my research question would be diminished. However, then I started thinking, well, if I do find this out, then maybe the whole purpose of my research ISN’T diminished. In fact, this could be seen as a great thing, as it would make it apparent that this issue has already been taken seriously by libraries in Ontario.

This makes me wonder how many researchers out there make assumptions that help them construct their research questions, but once they enter the field, realize that they’re assumptions were totally incorrect and misguided.

What do you guys think?

Victoria Grant


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  1. Liz

    Hi Victoria,
    I have been thinking about this problem too while developing my research question. I think the unknown and surprise are what make research projects so interesting. If the researchers have all the questions before conducting the research, the research would not be needed. However, it could be challenging when we have to alter or get rid of our own assumptions and beliefs, and replace them with the new findings.

    Thank you.


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