Fieldwork of Information Research

I really enjoyed Prof. Hartel’s guest lecture last Wednesday. I had already read her article “Managing documents at home for serious leisure” (2010) when I took Intro to Reference with her last fall. However, this time around I got more out of it, perhaps because I am in a research frame of mind – probably because I have my own topic to focus on and get excited about.

I believe that there is more than one fieldwork of information research because, broadly categorized, there is traditional librarianship and virtual librarianship (my categories). My research, investigating the relationship between students’ use of Facebook and their satisfaction with school, is in the virtual field.

Fieldwork for my research project would involve being a member of Facebook, subscribing to the various iSchool UofT pages/groups, and observing the activity on those pages/groups. I already do all of these!


Camille Johnson



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2 responses to “Fieldwork of Information Research

  1. Hey Camille,

    Kind of off topic, but I’m just curious how you’re going to make sure that it is Facebook that would cause satisfaction or dissatisfaction in school, and not the other way around. For example, students who don’t like their program could spend more time on facebook, OR, students spend too much time on facebook causing them to be disengaged in school, leading them to be dissatisfied.

    Just curious if you’ve thought about this!

    Victoria Grant

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Thank you for your question. Firstly, I am only looking at Facebook participation that specifically relates to school (i.e., not picture-sharing or crush-stalking). Although it may be difficult for people to categorize/differentiate their participation on Facebook in this way, that is another issue! If students disliked their program, they probably wouldn’t be engaged in Facebook activities that involved their program, or they wouldn’t spend so much time on their school’s Facebook page(s) to the point where they disengage in school. I hope this helps!


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