Surveys vs. Questionnaires

I am glad we had the lecture today from Glen Farrelly. The methodology for my research project involves surveys and questionnaires. I am especially thankful for his recommendation of Survey Monkey – what a great resource! I had previously heard of it, however, I did not know that it was a valid tool for graduate research.

I am still a little uncertain about the difference between surveys and questionnaires. Could someone please shed some light on this?

Thank you,

Camille Johnson



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3 responses to “Surveys vs. Questionnaires

  1. Hey Camille,

    From my understanding of today’s lecture, a questionnaire is a series of questions that have been written out, can be used for many things that aren’t necessarily a survey (such as demographic information). A survey is when you distribute a questionnaire strategically. A distinction is that most people doing interviews won’t be using a full structured method (this is a questionnaire – all questions are the same, no diversion to questions).

    So, I think that a questionnaire is the questions behind the survey, as a survey entails a bit more? I also found this a bit confusing, so if anyone has a better clarification, please share!

    Victoria Grant

  2. Thanks Victoria! That makes a lot of sense 🙂

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