Importance of Statistics!!

In last weeks lecture, Glen talked to us about different statistical methods for graduate research, some of the implications these methods have, and their positives. It is evident that statistics can be extremely beneficial when conducting certain types of research. A recent story that was told through the use of numbers is Burlington’s Vital Signs Report. You can find the report here: 

This report used statistics from Statistics Canada 2011 Census, in addition to the 2011 National Household Survey. This report demonstrates trends in a plurality of issues in Burlington, such as mental health, income levels, housing affordability according to those income levels, number of seniors, etc. 

Without the use of formal statistics, a report like this would not have been effective in educating the public. Sure, someone can guess that Burlington has a high seniors population, but it’s much more educational when this is backed up by concrete evidence (particularly government statistics). 

Another interesting fact from this report is that in Canada, there has been a 45% increase in library usage over the past decade. So for all your future librarians out there (like myself) who have been worried about this ‘fading profession’, listen to the concrete facts, they’re more reassuring :)!!

Victoria Grant 


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