Week 8 – Stats!

Statistics can be a great way to persuade bureaucrats to favor a cause. In fact, I think that the reason many libraries tend to have funding shortages and misunderstandings with those who dole out money is due to the lack of “hard evidence” as they like to call statistical numbers. These statistics can be very important when persuading people to a cause, especially when the figures show that a large portion of individuals support it.


There are many figures which have been compiled about fan fiction users. FanFiction.net is considered to be one of the key “fanfic” communities online, boasting over 6.6 million titles as of March 2011. To help the multitude of fan fiction researchers that are currently springing up, the site decided to conduct its own statistical analysis. Many users were actually pushing for this type of research as it could be helpful to know the size of the fan fiction community within this specific site.


The research drew 95,000 public profiles that were created in 2010 for analysis out of the 443,400 new accounts which were created in 2010. Nearly 60% of the accounts with a listed country of residence were from the United States. The sex of users was harder to determine though with only 10% in the sample giving their sex. Yet, out of that 10%, 78% defined themselves as female. This fact fits with anecdotal evidence of fan fiction being more common among women than men. The ages of users was the most difficult of all though. 6,410 people out of the 95,000 that compose the sample included precise ages. 80% of these self-identified users were between the ages of 13 an 17 though, giving credence to my research project of using fan fiction to reach teen patrons an provide popular teen services revolving around the hobby.


Fan Fiction Statistics – FanFiction.net Research Analysis. (2011). Retrieved from http://ffnresearch.blogspot.ca/


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