Week 9 Blogging Question: Literature Review

Happy Reading Week everyone!

I hope to get a good start on my literature review for the final paper this week. I have many results from my searches (Facebook is quite a popular topic!). What are some of the guidelines you follow in selecting key texts? I particularly wonder about date of publication. Since Facebook is relatively new, there are no articles from 50 years ago. However, the digital information world is in constant flux and I’m uncertain as to whether an article from 5-8 years ago is relevant (?) I welcome any input!


Thank you,

Camille Johnson



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3 responses to “Week 9 Blogging Question: Literature Review

  1. Hey Camille,

    Because you said that Facebook is a popular topic, I’m assuming you mean there’s a lot of research on it. Coming from this, I think that maybe sources from 5-8 years ago may not be entirely relevant if so many more people have written and research on the topic since. I still think it would be a good idea to include a source about the development of Facebook, or something of the sort, which will probably be a bit dated, but in terms of a literature review, I think you should try to focus on the most relevant and recent information and research. That’s just my thoughts though… I could be entirely wrong!

    Victoria Grant

  2. Liz

    Hi Camille,

    May be one thing to keep in mind is that articles from 5-8 years ago may contain information that is much older (may be 3-5 years) than the date of publication. Unless you want to compare the differences between now and then, or illustrate the development of Facebook, older articles may not be relevant.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you Victoria and Liz for your helpful feedback. I decided to look at articles from the early range of dates to get history and background information and to focus on more recent articles for the majority of my literature review. Another thought occurred to me: Facebook has changed many times – sometimes it feels that every 3 months something looks different on the screen. How it is used and who uses it has altered or expanded as well over the years. My research question may have not been relevant when articles were beginning to be published on the social network.


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