Week 9 Question

Welp! That teaches me to check my email more frequently during reading week! Hello all! Since there are no readings to bounce ideas off of, I will instead talk about our research proposals. One issue that I frequently have with research proposals, and research in general is how to gauge the scope of the project. Most of us haven’t taken on a full fledged research project on our lonesome, which is what these SSHRC proposal would entail. How do you judge what is too much? (This is especially difficult because it is a talent that cannot really be taught in a course).

I think that this is a problem that a lot of us will be running into with our research, particularly because Luker and authors like her want us to take on revolutionary and genre bending topics. This kind of behaviour requires a lot of work just getting definitions in order (we’re running into that just defining UGC in our Children’s user generated content project with Semaphore). So what do we do? Do you all think you could have a handle on things? In my project I would be interviewing several groups of people over a considerable time period. The spread out time period would make conducting the interviews themselves a bit easier, but crunching all of the data from this kind of activity would be… challenging. What kind of hurdles will you all face?


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  1. Liz

    Time constraint is definitely a big challenge in our research project. Particularly, at our level. However, at the same time, time constraint could be very useful to help us narrow down our scope of research. In order to finish the project on time, we can only do so much. Therefore, I think if you design the project in such a way that you can handle and complete it within the time frame, your scope should be about right.


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