Week 10: Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Hi Everyone,

If I have to focus my study on a particular artifact, I would choose to study the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in China to determine why they were built.

When I first learned about the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in the history class, I was amazed by the advance skills and technologies that China had back in the day (over 2200 years ago). I believe the study can bring insights to the culture, technology, history, quality of life, and stories behind the creation.

This research may have to involve wide variety of specialists from different disciplines, such as archaeologist, historian, scientist, etc., in order to fully understand different aspects of the results. Given the historic value of these artifacts, it is highly unlikely that physical tests can be conducted to gather information, which may prevent me from obtaining a comprehensive result.

My research may lead to a bigger question of whether Qin Shi Huang Di was doing a good thing or bad thing to the people in China by building the Terracotta Warriors and horses. Although he employed massive resources to build these artifacts during his time, people are enjoying the economic benefits from tourism today.

Thank you.




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2 responses to “Week 10: Terracotta Warriors and Horses

  1. Research into ancient Chinese ritual gives the answer which is covered by most tourist brochures and information sources. They were built to guard the emperor even in death as a spirit army.

  2. Hey Liz,

    Even though the answer to your research may already be revealed, I think it could still bring about some insights that would otherwise still remain uncovered. Yes, it may be true that they were built to guard the emperor even in death as a spirit army, but even studying this fact, and the rationale behind it could bring about some very interesting information with regard to the beliefs and values of society at that time!


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