Week 10 alternate subject of study question!

If I were to pick an object to study, rather than the social interaction of creation in video games, I would have to focus on a specific game, or perhaps the development of a large mod. A commercial text would have a lot in common with the earlier digital artifacts mentioned in the readings for this week, but that could also depend on the timeline of the research. Take a game like Minecraft. Do I study it from its commercial release, or from its first public releases in alpha, where it was a very different, and almost brutal game. A mod could prove even more 0f a tangled beast to study. Large mod projects are rarely taken on by a single person and during these projects there may be varying levels of participation, or another group could pick up work that has been started and carry it to a different conclusion. 

This is to say nothing for ports to different consoles. Post launch patches. Translations. HD remakes. etc etc etc. 

The mind boggles. 

Perhaps the better question is why there is a belief that something can be an authentic or final copy? Post modernist beliefs alone reject the idea of anything final, as interpretations and context play havoc with any attempt to nail something down.


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