Week 10 – Artifacts

I think it would be interesting to study video game controllers in depth. In addition to the general shape ergonomics and placement of buttons, analog sticks, and triggers it would be fun to look through the evolution of the controller and examine how they have taken their current shape. Some made minor adjustments over the years (Sony’s PS3) while others have gone through immense morphological changes (Nintendo). Looking into to the control would provide insight on the people playing games, because game mechanics would be based off of how the user’s input device. This limitation means that certain types of game play are associated with different systems – and their controllers. Nintendo had cycled from a very simple controller (the famicon) to more sophisticated (the N64) back to simple (Wiimote). I wonder if they will at some point they will introduce a new design.

The two elements of video games that are discussed most often is the contend (the games) and the hardware (machine specifications) that allow you to play the games. I feel that, though they fall under hardware, controllers have been overshadowed for some time. * I mean of course to the general populaiton, I do understand that there is a large amount of research that goes into the design of controllers.


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