Week 10: Record Preservation

Hi Everyone,

The blogging question this week is challenging because it is almost impossible to find a way that can preserve my research records into the far future. Particularly, the rapid changes in technologies make preservation even harder. For example, if people have records stored in floppy disks and even if they can preserve the disks perfectly, it could be very difficult to find a computer that can read the information today. This same situation will happen to all the new technologies today as they become obsolete. Despite the unreliability of technology, I will still post my research records online and store them in different formats with regular updates as a backup strategy.

Some traditional approaches could be more dependable. For example, I would print out plenty of hard copies, develop photos, make audio and video recordings, share the information and knowledge with others, such as friends and family, and make them aware of the importance of preserving information and knowledge.

Thank you.



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One response to “Week 10: Record Preservation

  1. Liz, you make a good point about how the technological tools of yesterday are very hard to access (i.e., floppy disks). Someday we won’t find a place to put a memory stick in our computers! One of my laptops doesn’t even have a place to insert CD-ROMs.

    I believe that we – as researchers – are responsible for providing a reference section that states where we obtained our sources and conforms to a proper reference style (e.g., APA) and clear in-text citations, as well as footnotes to give details and/or further explanations of concepts/people cited in the main paragraph, also a Notes section and Appendices section if necessary. We should not have the responsibility of maintaining the sources’ availability in an easily accessible way because we can’t control future changes in technology.


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