Digital Preservation

Digital preservation tops the agendas of many institutions in the cultural heritage
and information management communities. We, in the field of information are committed to preserving digital content for the long term, safeguarding our intellectual heritage so that it can be used by future researchers. The rapid rate at which technology is evolving and the relative transience of digital content make this a significant challenge.

Because of this evolution, I think the safe way to preserve our research is by applying it to a multitude of medians. Hand notes will always be able to remain preserved (if someone has the incentive to preserve them (OCLC, 2003)). This way of preservation has been worked with quite a bit now. Preserving electronic files is not as simple. Where will technology be in ten, or even five years? The OCLC published a really good report on how preservation is all about incentives, and why one would want to preserve something. I feel that if the incentive is there, preservation, no matter what the challenges, will be made possible. Scholars and researchers rely on literature created in the past (even field notes, research notes, etc.), thus, being an important aspect to virtually every field, I think as technology changes, we will continue to adapt, and preserve our research. 

If you have the time, this is a great article to read:

Victoria Grant 



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2 responses to “Digital Preservation

  1. vangorpb

    Hey Victoria,

    I get where you are coming from. I consider myself somewhat technically competent,,, until I talk to people who interact with IT stuff all the time. Then I think that I am just bashing rocks together. As for preservation over a wide variety of mediums, I get where you are coming from, but it may not work out quite as you expect. For one, you run into issues of formatting, like we saw in the readings last week, that may affect the content that you are trying to save. However, the greater concern is how you then dispose of private content once the project has been completed. Using a variety of mediums means you will also have to track down all of these mediums to destroy stuff, which could be tricky.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the response. Yes, that’s very true. This is not something I thought of. If you kept a plurality of mediums may result in failing to destroy certain bits of information, or encrypt them. This would thus be unethical. Also, something else that your point made me think about is that by saving to a variety a mediums, it would also require more work in the future, as preserving each medium (even though they are the same), would be a lot more time consuming…

    This is a tricky subject!

    Victoria Grant

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