The problems of taking digital notes

Howdy all,

I am fairly certain that most of my interactions will occur online. Due to the dispersed nature of online communities it may be unfeasible for me to physically track down and speak to individuals involved. In that case, I will have chat logs, and notes all contained in files on a computer. Preservation will depend on the nature of the information gathered, and the nature of my ethical needs, but I doubt I will be able to keep my research notes with original information after the research is complete. 

If that’s the case I can’t simply put the stuff in the recycling bin. As the recent Rob Ford controversy has shown this does not guarantee a file is never able to be recovered. Instead I would have to ensure the files were always encrypted in my computer, and when they are deleted, either wipe and rewrite on the hard drive or (ideally) have a removable hard drive that can be physically destroyed. I know Google has a terrifying device in their data centre that munches on old hard drives to ensure no information gets out.


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