Week 10 – A new perspective

As a freelance writer, I tend to automatically preserve my work digitally. I also keep most of my research available on a digital format. Working in non-tech-friendly conditions led me to preserve some materials as hard-copies though, such as my notes and countless journals that are easier to carry than a laptop. However, recently I had a laptop fiasco that served as that keen reminder which I’m sure we as students have all experienced at some point in time.

The power port of my laptop broke. It will be quite expensive to fix and might even require a new motherboard anyway, meaning all my data is effectively locked away in this little square that I still keep near me as a form of comfort. I did not initially fret over anything major being lost until I learned that many of my freelance writing content sites had much shorter storage time limits than I thought, meaning almost everything is lost to me. If anything, my views are a bit nihilistic about preservation at this point in time. Preservation is basically a full time job and is never guaranteed in the first place. Perhaps we should simply focus on working with what can be preserved rather than worrying about what we think should be preserved.


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  1. tracymatos

    Hi Brooke,

    It was really interesting to read your post, especially when you were talking about how the publication is often not the last step of the peer review process. I find that researchers could easily forget this, especially since, when you think about it, the aim of peer review is to get your paper published. I think that this can go back to Olivia’s post about how some researchers tend to be selfish with simply thinking about getting their work published and receiving recognition. However, as Olivia mentions, the researcher should think about how the paper could contribute to the journal, and how the journal, and particularly the readers could benefit from reading this paper.


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