Week 10 – Preservation

The research study I would like to investigate does involve me having to collect data which, if found to be useful, would be kept for some period of time and compared to further studies on the subject. I like to employ both digital and non-digital methods of collecting and storing data. Most of the information collected would probably be done on paper, and transferred later onto a computer. I enjoy collecting and organizing my thoughts and ideas on paper, but that being said once the information had been digitized I would most likely have no need for the paper copies which would be discarded.

I learned fairly early on to always keep multiple back ups of materials. I am constantly saving items, keeping a copy on a usb, backing up to an external hard drive, emailing myself files and now storing them on the cloud. I also try to keep copies of data off site, so that if a flood takes out my computer and external hard drives, I know I still have a safe copy on a usb key in my locker. Having spent (wasted) countless hours in my youth trying to recover data, backing up has taught me to be methodical in backing up. (Side note: When was the last time you backed up your data?)


One thing I find interesting about our new digital culture is that with social media like Facebook and Twitter, we are amassing a huge collection of primary documents, from every perceivable perspective (speaking of North America). I am not an historian but just the thought of what it would be like to have access to this amount/quality of information, pictures, and first hand accounts from an event such as The World Wars, has got me salivating. And then there are cat pictures…


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