Preserving Material

This is an interesting topic, especially when we think back to the lecture on ethics and needing to maintain a certain level of anonymity for those who are participating in our research. The requirement to keep any voice recordings only as long as it takes to be able to transcribe the brings into play so many issues about operationalizing your questions before you start your research so that nothing should be lost in order to provide the anonymity that you promise your participants. Just a thought, and on to other things.

I would like to think that I would be able to take a page out of prof Hartel’s book and publish not only my operationalized lexicon, but also my responses as well. I suppose that could only really be done either online, or as an appendix in a monograph, but there are quite a few authors in the book history and bibliographic fields who are trying to publish as much of their research as possible in order to engage the very small fields of study (at this time only D. F. McKenzie’s Printers of the Mind comes to mind). However this entire question hits home with the over all research that I want to work on. How are we able to ensure that digital material is still accessible for future generations.

I guess we will have to wait and see.



Ben S.


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  1. Hey Ben,

    You mentioned that there are academic groups that are trying to publish as much as they can to enrich their smaller fields. Do you think that researchers in that position should also turn to self publishing, either online, in print or both, as a way of preserving their works? Later editions could follow with amendments, and that way they are able to collect their ideas in a short amount of time rather than having to wait for a journal publication. I mean that on top of using academic journals should researchers make use of every resource at their disposal to produce copies of their work and ensure the preservation of their ideas?

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