Too Many Choices in Peer Review

Week 11, getting close to the end and we’re also near the end of the research process as well. Peer review is something that us as students will not really need to grasp much right now, but I think if we pursue our academic careers it will dominate our lives quite clearly. The issue that I feel may cause me the most trouble is where to attempt to get work published. The Sokal hoax illuminates the differences between journals, and the very important role that editors play in deciding what is in and out, but I think a lot of the work falls on the author as well. How can we overcome the normal tendency for authors to be skeptical, or nervous of their own work to properly evaluate where we should submit it? I guess for thesis work and beginning work we can rely on our supervisors to help us make these decisions, but past that point we would be on our own.

What if we undervalue our work, and diminish its potential impact in a lower quality journal. Or at the same time, what if our work is submitted into a higher end journal and receives undue criticism that could damage your academic career. The potential nervous breakdowns of applying for journals has me pretty solidly spooked, and I haven’t even written anything worth publishing yet.


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  1. Hey,

    It’s evident that this would be a huge issue when considering journals. I personally believe that it would be better to under value your work, and continue working on it until you’re in the ‘better’ journal. This seems much less problematic than receiving criticism that could taint your academic name and affect your career in the long run. That could just be me though!

    Victoria Grant

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