Oh How My Research Has Changed…

When Professor Galey asked us to reflect on how our research question has evolved since the beginning, I decided to go look at past posts. I was shocked (as I sort of forgot) that my original intent had to do with researching intellectual freedom barriers in the public library (specifically relating to pornography in the library). 

My research has evolved to studying homelessness and libraries, and the implications library policies have on the rights of homeless patrons (through an American framework). 

It’s evident that my interests lie within policy, as both research pertains to an analysis of policy and legislation pertaining to the two different subjects. 

Victoria Grant 


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One response to “Oh How My Research Has Changed…

  1. vangorpb

    Lol a shift from pornography to homelessness is pretty dramatic, even if it still deals with the same problems. Was this caused by a lack of information or just problems with gathering information. I can see studying your first topic would be very difficult as people would not readily admit use, or their opinions on it, so you would have to speak more with library personnel and have their policies and procedures colour your assignment.

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