Professor Galey asked us to reflect upon what sub-questions emerged from our research question. 

My research is as follows: 

How should libraries negotiate the legal constraints that evolve from policies that limit library access to homeless patrons? 

Sub-questions that emerged included the following:

By allowing homeless patrons full access to library services, how does this impact the rights of other patrons in the library? (Right to security, etc.)

Many library policies are not inclusive to all population groups, is this inclusivity intentional? If so, why? What evidence might a discourse analysis bring about?

Libraries are municipally funded (public libraries), thus, given the power imbalance in society, do library policies reflect those in power, due to the politics of it all?

Unfortunately my research was not large or broad enough to attempt at designing a study to answer these questions, but I think they’re excellent questions for someone interested in studying homelessness and libraries in the future (and they definitely build off my research as well!)

Victoria Grant 



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2 responses to “Sub-Questions

  1. vangorpb

    I am swimming with jealousy that you have such well rounded questions. Judging from the focus of your questions it seems like you will be interrogating the procedures and legal policies of libraries (or at least that’s my impression). Do you have a specific library in mind right now or several places? Since they are public organizations this information may not be too difficult to obtain, but it would be interesting to see how the policies are reflected in practice.

  2. jbake006

    The questions and sub-questions inspired by your main research question are really interesting. Hopefully your work will be able to function as a springboard for yourself or other researchers to tackle those questions in the future.

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