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Howdy again!

Hopefully everyone is furiously typing away. I am getting there but still working on my assignment, but I thought I’d pass on an idea I had. We are expected to select one method and focus on it as the way we will be completing this research, but I can sense this will be somewhat difficult for people with a lot of ideas. The way I am getting around this is by mentioning why I am NOT selecting some methods, despite the potentials they have. For may topic specifically, I am going to mention that I had hoped to incorporate an experimental or intervention based research method, but the field is so ill defined that I don’t think I could effectively control variables, or even be able to identify what would be a more suitable alternative. 

How is everyone organizing their research method sections?


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  1. Well, I only really had two methods to begin with: face to face structured interviews and questionnaires with closed questions. However, in the end I decided to ditch the interview. So, I’m explaining my reasoning for getting rid of the interview, and only going in depth about the web questionnaire.

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