This Is the End!

My research question started rather simply and broad like most of the people in this group. I wanted to perform a virtual ethnography of young adult fan fiction groups. As the semester progressed, I was able to get more specific. This specification was rather important as all ethnographies need some background and reason behind them. The reason I chose was to look into the programming and support possibilities of the library for this particular group of people. In a sense, it could even be considered an in-depth demographic study.

Sub-questions about the method and ethics behind the research were developed and focused on ethical retrieval of information online and dealing with young adults. In the end, I discovered that older teens (16 and over) can give themselves consent for low-risk research, which is what my project would be. I also started asking what the library might be able to do in order to expand fan fiction practices among teens and make it more popular.

Overall, it’s been fun guys. It was definitely neat to look into what I considered an out-there research project that I would not have normally investigated or pursued. See you next semester!



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2 responses to “This Is the End!

  1. vangorpb

    What kind of sources did you find for support of fan content in a library setting? I haven’t heard of any support for fan work like this outside of communities themselves organizing an archive. I think this could be a very interesting combination of research areas.

  2. tracymatos

    Hi Brooke,
    When you talked about doing low-risk research with teenagers, I immediately thought back to the guest lecture we had regarding ethics. I think this is important to include in our research proposal, especially if it would seem like our research would come across some ethical issues. In one of my undergraduate classes, I had to do an ethics protocol prior to writing up my research proposal because we had to think about these issues early on. I know you didn’t explicitly talk about ethics in your post, but when you mentioned doing low-risk research, it really made me think about what we learned from our ethics class and I think it’s important for us to consider in our proposals.

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