Week 12 – Looking Back

My research question has gone through many changes over the span of this course, and is vastly different in my final research proposal than it was when we began formulating questions. I was first interested in investigating how a library using sponsored partnerships would operate in a public system. From that idea I jumped to the role library programing plays in improving civic engagement and satisfaction within a community. As that subject is much to expansive I finally settled on the impact of children’s literacy programing, at a specific library, on the reading ability of a set participant group.

Some of the questions that arisen from looking at this subject are:

What is the purpose of youth programing in the library?

Is the current programing effective?

Are the programs being offered the ones that are needed?

Should more resources be given to locations in more high needs areas, and is that unfair to other library users who should be given the same access (equity vs. equality)?

How do we help students in high needs areas?

Who attends and are taking advantage of these programs?


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  1. tracymatos

    Hey Printer,

    Reading your post made me think about a lecture I attended yesterday and one guest speaker came in to talk about adult literacy programs. It was really interesting to learn about this and I didn’t even know programs like this for adults existed. Anyways, since you are focusing on children’s literacy programing, I was wondering if you’re focusing on a specific age group. If you were looking at school age children, you could consider how literacy programs should complement the curriculum for their specific age group, if they don’t already. I am not too familiar with this area, but from yesterday’s lecture, I learned that are independently owned agencies and programs that are offered outside the libraries. Although he spoke about adult literacy programs, it would be interesting to learn if there are children’s literacy programs outside the libraries. This could definitely be explored further, but perhaps for another research project.

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